project postcard.

Dear friends, enemies, and fellow travelers,

I want to send you a postcard. You want to get a postcard. I have been lucky enough to travel around the U.S. and parts of the world but there will always be more for me to experience. Together, we can share our favorite experiences and travel ideas on this page. Please, share your name, where you’re from and your favorite travel destination, maybe a story if you’d like, and finally your address. Afterwards I’ll send you a postcard from my latest destination!

For Example
I’m Eric Silberstein from Northern California and Lake Tahoe, without competition, is my favorite place. Beautiful mountains, sky blue water, hikes galore, Northstar Ski Resort, it’s my paradise. If you’re ever in the area check out Tuckee’s Transcontinental Railroad’s abandoned tunnel’s spray paint art. I can’t wait to get a postcard from myself!

Hasta luego,
A Seriously Casual Traveler

48 Responses to project postcard.

  1. Anne Silberstein says:

    Hi I’m Anne Silberstein the proud momma of Eric Silberstein. I have two favorites, a favorite trip and a favorite place. My favorite trip was rafting the Grand Canyon with Diamond River Outfitters and 28 new friends. What an amazing experience. I never appreciated a clean shower like I did on day 7. I loved it more than the helicopter ride out of the Canyon, although that was pretty cool.

    Favorite place is hard to chose, I love to travel but I love to be with my family. So I’d have to say my favorite place is with my family and if that is in Rome all the better!

    • casualeric says:

      Rafting the Colorado river was an incredible adventure. It has to be my favorite trip. And mom, you’re already getting a postcard but thanks for being the first to comment. I love you.

  2. uncle e says:

    Send me a post card
    I am in new orleans living large.

  3. Jaynee ramirez says:

    I’m Jaynee Ramirez from placerville ca- my favorite place is Vashon Island in Washington- beautiful natural beaches and forest-lots of wildlife- small town feel- 389 forni rd placerville ca 95667 thanks for the postcard!

  4. JodiBeth says:

    My name is JodiBeth I’m from Folsom California. I recently lived in Hawaii for 3 years and my favorite place is Muanawili Falls on Oahu. There’s a secret crawl up space at the end of the trail where you can jump a 30 foot drop into the water. The trees cover your view to the bottom so you feel like your jumping into nothing it’s crazy fun lol. 389 Forni rd placerville CA 95667

  5. A Voice Shouting in the Wilderness says:

    My name is Lindsay Cox. I am from Dallas, TX. My favorite trip was to the Dominican Republic in a small village near Cabarete. Lived in tree houses for two weeks, the sun as my alarm clock, picking fresh bananas off the trees for breakfast, and hiking to local waterfalls to go swimming. I would go back in a heartbeat. 7150 east grand apt 109 dallas, tx 75223

    Kyle Silberstein taking the brother up on the Post card. It will forever decorate my mantle or my office desk bro.
    I have to agree Tahoe holds more beloved memories than I can count on both my hands and feet.

    My story occurs within the enchanted state known as New Mexico where Aliens first encountered cowboys and planted, you know, the anal probes.

    Lindsay, Robbie, Leslie and I were out touring the New Mexico Desert at 11pm driving through sand, snow, and banks of soil that stood 9 to 10 feet high. Robbie took us on a tour of the 9 foot tall labyrinth of a desert highway, the moon was high, the temperature was low, 20 degrees. We ended up playing hide and go seek by moonlight in the snow covered sand out in the middle of the enchanted desert.

    Address is 8820 Saddlehorn drive Apt. 149
    Irving TX, 5063

    Thank you!

    • casualeric says:

      Thats really cool Lindsay and I’m uber jealous. Waking up to the sun, picking your own bananas and sleeping in a tree! I want to go with you next time. There’s a postcard with your name on it.

      Kyle you know that Robbie is crazy. And cool story. I’m going to look up this Enchanted Desert because that sounds magical. Thanks for sharing you two love birds!

  6. Hamy says:

    I’ve been in many places which I loved 2 be and being once more…
    the address u ve it…Tailor’s hostel 😉 the moon was great … 😀
    now, honestly, I’ve not a favourite place but driving on the roads is my favourite place, then simly I can say that Roads (specially montain road, and roads covered by trees and fogs) wherever they are is my favourite place…
    my name is hamy
    and the addres is
    Tailor’s hostel
    C/Sepúlveda 146
    08011 – Barcleona

    • casualeric says:

      Hamy thanks for sharing! Even though roads aren’t a place I feel like it’s a perfect answer. Someone else I know loves driving just like you. Post card on its way!

  7. Matt Robinson says:

    Hello I’m Matt Robinson from Denver, Colorado. My favorite place has to be Australia mostly because of the hot women. But besides that Australia is great because the people are extremely friendly, there is a ton of wildlife, and it has a really nice atmosphere. I spent my time surfing, snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef, and checking out some of the Rain forests but I would definitely like to go again so I could see more. My address is…
    1028 pleasant street #3
    Boulder, CO
    P.S. Eric I miss you but you’re a rockstar ❤ #;)

  8. Hubert Pham says:

    YOOOOOOO i’m Hubert Pham from Roseville CA!! My favorite place is my room because i play league of legends in it. ^_^
    105 Eriswell Ct Roseville CA 95747

    • casualeric says:

      YOOOOOOO Hubert! While I’m not surprised by your answer I’m still glad you shared. Your support over the last month has been one of the strongest and it means a lot to me every time you Like and Comment on my posts. So expect a postcard soon! Priority #1

  9. Leah Weiss says:

    Hi its Leah, the honored friend of A seriously casual traveler. My favorite place to travel would have to be in Israel (duh I’m Jewish where else). I did this three day backpacking trip called Sea to Sea, from the Mediterranean Sea to the Sea of Galilee, with about 20 other students my age (I was just about to turn 16). It was an amazing experience of hiking through beautiful forest and seeing ruins throughout. We stayed under the stars and appreciated the wilderness and company. I miss your face.
    1105 lincoln pl, boulder, CO 80302

    • casualeric says:

      Miss you too L dog. I never knew you did such a trip. That’s really cool. In the American cemetery in Normandy there are 149 Stars of David headstones. Fun Jewish fact! Maybe I should have saved it for your card 😛 Thanks for sharing! Postcard = carded and posted

  10. Jonas Beisenwenger says:

    Hallo, ich bin Jonas Beisenwenger! I am from South Germany and altough i love this area my favorite place in the world so far is the amazonian jungle. before i will return my adress is Charlottenstraße 8, 72070 Tübingen, Germany 🙂

  11. Jonathan Nelson says:

    What’s up travel’n man!?!? I hope you are doing well. Your time so far sounds like a blast and I am sure it’s enriching experience. Send me and the other scro’s a postcard. Hy address is 3233 Troy St. Aurora Colorado 80011.

    Story: we had group last week and missed clearing decks with you =)

    • casualeric says:

      Hey brosef! I am doing very well. What what I’m not doing, I do without! Enriching is an understatement when describing my experiences here. I’ve been blessed beyond words. Miss clearing the deck too. Got a lot to clear but no one to hear. I guess this postcard is going to Denver!

  12. Deven Hill says:

    Hey this is Deven Hill, beloved friend/brother/tormentor of Eric Silberstein.
    It’s nearly impossible to choose my favorite travel destination, but if I have to pick I would say Rome. The history, culture and sights to see are truly mind-blowing. Seeing artifacts and buildings built centuries ago still standing is pretty unbelievable. It’s also hard not to fall in love with the big city and its laid-back culture.
    My address is 3928 Camino Calma, La Jolla, CA 92122

    • casualeric says:

      Yep. I’d say tormenter fits somewhere in our relationship. Rome is incredible. It’s too bad we only had 9 days together abroad or we could have stayed a bit longer. I guess now, against my own will, I’ll send a postcard to lame-o-San Diego.

  13. Bobby reeves says:

    1981 Santa Ines St, roseville, ca, 95747

    • Bobby reeves says:

      Hi my name is bobby and I am Eric’s worst enemy. Not only am I much better looking than my foe, I also beat him at any competition especially FIFA. My favorite destination and trip are both from my recent backpacking adventure near boreal ski resort. The wilderness and scenery out there is breathtaking everywhere you look. I see myself making another trip out there in the near future because the experience is just too compelling not to do it again and again and again.

  14. Audrey Varin says:

    Hello, my name is Audrey, I’m from Montréal, Québec, Canada, and I currently live in Annecy France ! My favorite trip for now is when I went to Italy last summer. I enjoyed it to the fullest, especially because it was an unexpected trip ! Two of my friends were going on a two weeks trip there, and 5 hours before their flight, they asked me if I wanted to join them haha. I didn’t know if there was some seats left in the plane, no luggage ready, and was an hour drive from home. *Please note that Montreal airport is an hour and fifteen minutes drive from my home! I finally made it home, packed a big suitcase with a lot of things that I didnt wear during the trip and without a lot of things I would have needed, and headed to the airport ! I finally made it on time for the plane (some seats were still available !), and had an amazing trip! Roma, Florence and Venice are definitely places to be seen !

    I’m glad I met you here in Annecy, and I wish you an amazing end of trip ! Enjoy it to the fullest, because time passes by so fast ! I’ll see you in California some time !

    My adress : 2 rue Jacqueline Auriol, Apt. 4, Annecy-le-Vieux, 74940

    • casualeric says:

      Audrey I had an amazing time in Annecy thanks to you and your friends and I’m so glad I met you. I can’t believe you just took off to Italy like that! See you in California and thanks for sharing! Enjoy the card 🙂

  15. Michael Hamilton says:

    I am Michael Hamilton, but you probably recognize me as Moose from WHS’s 2011 production of West Side Story. My favorite places of travel have been to Ohio (where I swam in Lake Eerie and flung moss at my sisters), the graffiti room at UCSD (where we bought spray paint and contributed to the art) and downtown Seattle (where me and my cousin were accepted while being complete idiots in the public).
    My address is 401 Las Cruces Ct. Roseville ca 95747

    • casualeric says:

      2011 seems ages ago. And I can hardly remember a time when you weren’t being an idiot in public! Good thing you’re the best type of idiot.
      I tried to find a card with a moose… all they had was cows. enjoy!

  16. Elena Norman says:

    I am Elena Norman and I cannot wait till I finally graduate from CU this year and can hopefully do some traveling of my own! I have yet to get to see Europe and your travels are so inspiring Eric! I am living vicariously through you now, so keep up the incredible work 🙂 Can’t wait to get a postcard from ya: 1336 Terry Street, Longmont, CO 80501

    • casualeric says:

      Elena thanks for supporting my travels! If living vicariously through me is inspiring you to get out and see the world then live away. Best of luck with your studies (Yay linguistics!)

  17. Carly Morrison says:

    Hey! My name is Carly Morrison and I am from Pine Grove, Colorado… I bet if you go looking for it you wont find it! The most amazing place I have ever been is a Quechua village above Urubamba in the Peruvian Andes. We took an hour bus ride, up an extremely narrow road, with a long long drop to one side, in order to find this village. When we got there the entire village had come to greet us. This is my favorite memory of Peru!
    I live at 745 S 41st St Boulder, Colorado 80305

    • casualeric says:

      Carly, when I come back I need to hear all of your Peruvian adventures. I regret not asking you about them before I was across the Atlantic! I’m going to make sure you get an extra extra special card 🙂

  18. k8 says:

    Yo ERIC,
    First (and most importantly), I miss you 🙂
    Although I enjoy your snapchats immensely, I would LOVE to get some sweet postcards. I’m traveling to South Africa once I graduate in December. Take a little detour and visit me? Cool thanks. My address is…827 1/2 9th Street Boulder, CO 80302.
    Where are you now? I can’t keep track.

    The love of your life,

    • casualeric says:

      Dear the Anti-Love of my life,
      Your graduation has crept up on you. I can hardly believe it’s here (because I’m so used to treating you like a freshman!) 😉 You and Carly are getting extra special cards.
      PS feel free to send me a card from Africa!

      Your Tormenter

  19. Tae says:

    Hi Eric,
    It’s Tae. A Michigander from Korea.
    I really enjoy looking at your pictures and reading stories from your trip.
    You seem like you’re already well on your way to become a great travel journalist.
    You’re going to Belgium; make sure you make a visit to Délirium Café in Brussels, and get a boot.
    Keep it up!


    p.s. I’ll send you my address via text.

    • casualeric says:

      Thanks for the cafe tip Tae! Coincidentally, many people have said the same thing so I guess I have to go now! Thanks for all your support Tae. Here comes your card!

  20. Richa says:

    Hello dear Eric,
    It’s Richa from Boulder, we miss you! My favorite place to go is a small temple down the street from my grandparents’ house in Nepal, I love going with my mom, because even though over the years it has become crowded, a little smelly, and inhabited by beggars, her faith and love of home allows her to always see the beauty it once possessed.

    My address is 2905 Smith Hall, 2525 Kittredge Loop, Boulder CO 80310
    Can’t wait to hear about your travels!

    • casualeric says:

      Thanks for sharing your sweet story with me Richa. And thanks for reaching out to me too! I miss all of you back home and can’t wait to have you over for a reunion party.

      PS I’m glad I get to send this one to Smith Hall. 😀

  21. Calli Johnson says:

    Hello from Calli in Boulder!! I’d say I’ve been around and there’s a few places I could state as my favorite. However, because I noticed you went there this summer I am going to say Lake Tahoe. Clearest darn lake I’ve ever seen and the best family times I’ve ever had. Can’t wait to see you and hear about all of your adventures in person, but for now I’m enjoying thoroughly instagram-stalking you.
    My address is 867 18th Street, Boulder CO, 80302.
    Love you, miss you, thinking of you!
    Calli J.

    • casualeric says:

      You will never know how happy it makes me to hear your favorite place is Lake Tahoe too! I think I sent you a card 3 days ago but if you don’t get it let me know! I miss you Calli!

  22. Sonia Fair says:

    Hey! I’m Sonia Meyer and I’m from Chicago.
    I’ve been a lot of places in my life. I’ve learned that the best time don’t come from where you are but who you are with and what you are willing to do. I love to travel with maybe one sort of goal in mind and a lot of free time to explore and let experiences find me. And I have to dance. I don’t care where in the world I go, if I haven’t danced there, it doesn’t count!
    I know that doesn’t really answer your question but that’s what you get. I hope you are having a fantastic time, making friends, and dancing everywhere you go! Come visit me in Atlanta some time!

    1449 Ragley Hall Rd
    Atlanta, GA 30319


  23. Maylee Keo says:

    Hey! I’m Maylee, you’ve met me in Paris where we took some nice Californian wine (yep). I’m from Montreal, and I think I’ve been totally seduced by scandinavian countries so maybe Copenhagen, Helsinki and Stockholm would be awesome destinations to go to for the next few years. But for now I still have to discover other places and I hope we could meet paths one day when I’ll pass by California, Eric. xx

    Can’t wait to receive your postcard. Send it to my job 
    420 Beaubien Ouest #204

    Outremont, Montréal H2V 4S6

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