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Busting down a Berlin Wall of Language Barriers

While in Normandy doing a work-exchange for a month I did various works ranging from woodwork to vacuuming. Sometimes not sharing a mutual language with my coworkers. One project I was assigned was to help another worker, Leonardo, extend the … Continue reading

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Who are you calling Ugly American?

All I wanted was a splash of ketchup for my fries. She didn’t have to respond the way she did. Back home everyone eats their fries with ketchup. That waitress should have respected our cultural differences and brought me ketchup. … Continue reading

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Annecy; the most beautiful name I ever saw.

This gallery contains 17 photos.

For nearly two weeks my affair with Annecy left me wanting more and more of her summer love. Our time together was indescribable and Good. So indescribable I shan’t waste any characters on her. These are some my favorite photos … Continue reading

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9,387 Reasons to Remember D-Day

Being the seriously casual traveler I am, In tend to be a seriously casual writer, but not today, today I’m all serious. Because today was a different type of day for me. A day of remembrance. A day of respect. … Continue reading

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You Can’t Say Man Purse Without Saying Man

Dear friends, enemies, and fellow travelers, Today I want to confront an issue that disturbs the manly men of the world: the man purse. href=””> Nothing revokes your man-card as quickly as sporting a stylish man purse. Draping the petite … Continue reading

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Commencing Project Postcard.

Dear friends, enemies, family and seriously casual readers, I miss you. I want to send you a postcard. You want to get a postcard. I want to surprise you with fun facts, childish drawings, thoughtful quotes, and most importantly, bad … Continue reading

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Thumbs Up for Hitchhiking…

Jonas thumbed his way from Germany to Morocco and back again, two weeks it took him. “Here’s some cardboard, take this map and you’ll do good. Stay optimistic and oh, don’t forget to smile” he told me reassuringly through his … Continue reading

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