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Future’s Shapin Up

Things seem to be falling into place all of a sudden; like how I got a bike at Goodwill after wanting one all semester long. I also bought a couch  (40 bucks for both. CHA-CHING). I had to vacuum cat … Continue reading

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How Axemurderess Saved My Life

On the 10th of October Axemurderess saved my life. I didn’t know she did until recently, when I learned that the creepy pedophile who prefers Jews to couchsurf with him that insisted I stay with him has erased all traces … Continue reading

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The downside to traveling solo: I’m Lonely

Three days ago I left again. Like I always do. And I hate it. I don’t know if it’s this dismal weather above my train or a rain cloud drizzling on my brain that is making me feel this way. … Continue reading

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The Holocaust, a German Woman, and Me–What they have in common

Finally I have a story worth sharing. I say this one is worth sharing because it’s not one of my own stories which pale in comparison to this continuing story. Not being that my stories aren’t worth sharing, although I … Continue reading

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Homeless at 220Km/hr: Predestined Afterthoughts

I was going to make my next blog post about how I was scammed and lost €100. I was also thinking about writing about three friends I made at 220 km/h who helped me find a bed when I was … Continue reading

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Amsterdam’s Red Light District: the real fucking place. (pardon my French)

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What to say about Amsterdam’s Red Light District? It’s bizarre, normalized, beautified prostitution the whole family can enjoy. I saw children and grandparents slowly strolling through heavily prostituted areas next to sophisticated businessmen undressing the girls with their eyes. Chinese … Continue reading

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Hitchhiking for Amsterdam: King of the road

I felt like the most popular man in Belgium when all three of the first three cars that passed, pulled over to help me hitchhike. After that first car I didn’t get very far before I was back in the … Continue reading

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Gay Southern Hospitality in Western Europe

He settled me into his home and said, “Just so you know, the lesbian neighbors will probably keep you up at night. They’re always fighting or having rough lesbian sex. The only difference between the two is that when they … Continue reading

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Busting down a Berlin Wall of Language Barriers

While in Normandy doing a work-exchange for a month I did various works ranging from woodwork to vacuuming. Sometimes not sharing a mutual language with my coworkers. One project I was assigned was to help another worker, Leonardo, extend the … Continue reading

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Who are you calling Ugly American?

All I wanted was a splash of ketchup for my fries. She didn’t have to respond the way she did. Back home everyone eats their fries with ketchup. That waitress should have respected our cultural differences and brought me ketchup. … Continue reading

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