Future’s Shapin Up

Things seem to be falling into place all of a sudden; like how I got a bike at Goodwill after wanting one all semester long. I also bought a couch  (40 bucks for both. CHA-CHING). I had to vacuum cat hair and only God knows what off the thing. But its cool. It was 20 dollars. Adjusting to student life was harder than I thought it would be. When I was on the road life was free flowing. I had no due dates or schedules and my only assignment was to do what would make the best stories. And that’s what I did. I am proud of my trip and the stories I’ll be telling for the rest of my life. I’m also proud of how well I’ve adjusted to normal living. I feel like when I returned to Boulder I had more direction and was more goal oriented than I was before I traveled. Four months since school started and I am one of fifty students accepted into the Leeds’ Business of Sports summer certificate program. I also founded a student organization for providing free sports programs to local schools in Boulder. The principle of a local bilingual elementary school is backing my ideas and soon I’ll have a pilot program running at lunch times. I’m really excited to bring sports to the school and kick around and play with kids who don’t get to.

I remember sitting on a train coasting through impenetrable white fog with my friend on our way to Kutna Hora and I told her I was going to work for FIFA and watch soccer matches around the world. I would travel for the rest of my life. The way I see Life is this–if you do it right, it gets more fun with every birthday. This idea is why I haven’t dropped out of school and hit the road again. Honestly I really don’t like being stuck here! But what else can I do?

I feel very fortunate and blessed to take on challenges and opportunities that bring me closer to my dreams. Not everyone gets these chances.

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1 Response to Future’s Shapin Up

  1. A Voice Shouting in the Wilderness says:

    Seriously, Casual Traveler? Only kidding, I like playing with grammar.

    Life is not all about the destination, but all about the journey and who you get to love and influence along the way.

    A factor must be taken into consideration how will you influence those who cross your highway of life along the way?

    That question we only answer ourselves. An indicator is who do we revere and look up to for leadership.

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