Homeless at 220Km/hr: Predestined Afterthoughts

I was going to make my next blog post about how I was scammed and lost €100. I was also thinking about writing about three friends I made at 220 km/h who helped me find a bed when I was temporarily homeless. Instead, I want to take time to reflect on the plan that has been laid out for me. A plan so elaborate and perfectly sewn together that mere coincidence isn’t excuse enough to explain how the stories I’ve woven together are all interconnected. My trip is not a combination of different stories separated by chapters. It is one story with it’s plots so intricately intwined that the endings and beginnings are as distinguishable as a drop of water in a pool… or a black guy hiding in the dark! (unless he smiles of course) preppy white frat boys! two Chinese men standing side by side!.
Before I met with Luise’s God-mother I met Luise weeks before in a different country. The only reason I saw her on the hill behind the European Union Capitol was fate. I wouldn’t have gone on that walk that same day if Jamaar hadn’t messaged me to stay on his couch days before. If he never messaged me, I wonder where I would have been that day, where I would be now.
Any action in my trip can decide who I meet and where I go, might alter every day of the following months. Different hitchhike rides can lead me to different destinations. Just one different Couchsurfing host has the potential to reroute my travels. I’m still in Berlin because of some advice from my last host. That host took me in because I was temporarily homeless for the night, which leads back to meeting Luise in Brussels. Her cousin that she connected me with didn’t have a spare key to lend me when she hosted me the night before I met Cathi. So, I met Cathi because I met Luise’s cousins who locked me out because I met Luise because I met Jamaar… It was Cathi who convinced me to stay in Berlin longer and thus led me to Luise’s God-mother. If I had never met Luise I would never have been locked out. If that never happened I wouldn’t have met Cathi and ultimately extend my trip here in Berlin. If I have to, I can single out all the miraculous coincidences so consistent I’m convinced luck has nothing to do with it. I am following a plan, unbeknown to my decisions whilst directing them before they are conceived in thought.
So here I am again like I always seem to be, sipping a steamy drink and enjoying the conversations that come with new friends, feeling at home. Might you think it is coincidence that I’m now staying with a family of musicians like me, Think Again. I go to Dresden on monday. I wonder who will cross paths with me there.
That’s an interesting expression: cross paths. Every park path I’ve ever walked was already laid out for me, start to finish. I think my trip is like a park path.

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1 Response to Homeless at 220Km/hr: Predestined Afterthoughts

  1. A Voice Shouting in the Wilderness says:

    Praise God bro I am glad you are safe having a blast, staying with a family of Deutsch musicians. It is funny how our paths work out to our benefit even though from a single point or multiple points in time we perceive that of those difficult times as a misfortune. While unbeknown to us those trial times work out better for us in the end.

    The best is always yet to come : ) Keep living up what I was not brave enough to do. If you can check out Bravaria and Meunster. Please take a lot of pictures of our family’s land of heritage?

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