Amsterdam’s Red Light District: the real fucking place. (pardon my French)

What to say about Amsterdam’s Red Light District?
It’s bizarre, normalized, beautified prostitution the whole family can enjoy. I saw children and grandparents slowly strolling through heavily prostituted areas next to sophisticated businessmen undressing the girls with their eyes. Chinese tour groups stopped outside of live porno theaters advertising “REAL LIVE FUCKING”. There is girl/girl fucking, sadomasochism fucking and bondage fucking. While tourists stroll past the windows with an innocent curiosity, serious customers lean closer to play coy with their intentions.
The following photos do not contain any images of prostitutes. Taking photos of the girls is not allowed… and is very creepy. There are graphic images, so if penises and vaginas make you uncomfortable and the word sex makes you blush maybe you shouldn’t scroll down. Or, maybe you should.

During the day the Red Lights are just another tourist attraction

I felt it was advertised as a district of sexual eroticism without the prostitution. Like it is all a facade and the prostitution is only for looks.

Sex is a night job

The people living above the lights have day jobs and life goes on with and without the red.

The sun is setting and the boys are out shopping. They are discussing prices with a girl

Finally, the lights come on and the windows come alive


I encourage you to look closely at every photo. Notice the crowds and the posters; the unlikely customer, the bouncers, the details. I am done narrating and interjecting my captions. Make your own, you lazy internet bums 🙂













Meters separate The Red Light District from the rest of Amsterdam. One street over and there are restaurants filled with hungry families. In a window above the red lights I saw a woman working on her computer. Another woman a floor below her worked in the window. There is an unexplainable dynamic between the sex, tourism and city life. If you are ever in Amsterdam, take your time in this district.

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