Gay Southern Hospitality in Western Europe

He settled me into his home and said, “Just so you know, the lesbian neighbors will probably keep you up at night. They’re always fighting or having rough lesbian sex. The only difference between the two is that when they have rough lesbian sex it goes for hours. You’ll see. And by the way, their bed is right on the other side of your wall.” In the 10 minute walk to his apartment I knew more about his sex life than I knew about my own. Two tolerance levels of mine increased during my stay with him–my alcohol tolerance and acceptable limit of TMI. I think my knowing the details of his engagement the night before with a sexually experimenting British guy at the bar is not enough information for him. My first impression of Jamaal scared me into sleeping in full clothes my first night on his couch because I did not know what was on my sheets. I’ve stayed with Jamaal for four nights and contrary to what I expected, he’s an incredible host.
Jamaal lived in Spain, France and now Brussels, Belgium; but he hails from South Carolina, the home of Southern Hospitality. English language teachers don’t have much but what he has he shares with me. Including unwanted details about what goes on upstairs (luckily for me, I was fast asleep when he brought a boy home the other night). We laugh together, burp together, vent together and drink together but we would never be together if it weren’t for Couchsurfing. We have an unlikely friendship born from a common interest in traveling. I will miss him. I will not miss the rough lesbian sex though.

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