Annecy; the most beautiful name I ever saw.

For nearly two weeks my affair with Annecy left me wanting more and more of her summer love. Our time together was indescribable and Good. So indescribable I shan’t waste any characters on her. These are some my favorite photos taken there.












Hey that’s me!20130916-210811.jpg

And a special thanks to Herve, David and Maria. I miss you already.


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3 Responses to Annecy; the most beautiful name I ever saw.

  1. Anne Silberstein says:

    I can see why you would want to go back. It is so very beautiful and full of adventure!

  2. A Voice Shouting in the Wilderness says:

    I can smell the fresh mountain air and pines from here. What a beautiful region! I want to visit now. The simple life in Annecy, a flat with flowers decorating every window and then a river or lake to swim and play in.

    Then you have mountains adorning the skyline with forests. I would definitely sky dive if I was there. Beautiful.

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