Coming to Life in Desolation Wilderness

You know when you’re hiking and you’re tired and your knees ache and your feet swell but you walk on? A rhythm governs your pace, and one, two, three, five more miles later your feet, knees, and legs feel like you’ve run them into the ground while your spirit soars above the path and trees with the rest of your thoughts because you are where nothing else matters. Your mind is gliding between thoughts and memories and the next step has already been taken for you on the old path. All of your next steps have already been taken because you do not know where you are or where you’re going. Your destination–irrelevant. You’re going to the wild. To the place of jagged peaks, great plains, sunken meadows and wide lakes. To the song’s created by nature for her own amusement–the birds, the water, the trees in the wind. That’s where you are walking. Take another step, don’t take another step, it doesn’t matter. You made it.








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