Photos From Flume Trail

After a grueling 4 mile climb, visit with the bike patrol and a thick roll of gauze the Flume trail showed why it is one of the most famous bike trails with jaw dropping vistas of Lake Tahoe. Thanks to The Flume Trail mountain bike shop this whole ride was possible!






On the first bank after the thigh burning climb I went into the turn with far too much speed and crashed. Walking away with a flap of skin hanging from my palm and a 4 inch gash decorating my forearm I finished the rest of the 13 mile trail. Thanks to the Nevada Bike Patrol I peddled away from the scene. to the members of the bike patrol: thank you for dedicating your time to keeping Tahoe’s trails safe!

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3 Responses to Photos From Flume Trail

  1. Kcyber says:

    Talk about breath taking views, those are some of the best I have seen.
    Lee sporting a pic with his water bottle with a no pun intended jaw dropping view of the lake of blue.
    Plus shout out to the bike patrol who were able to address your wounds. Go State Park employees!!! Our taxes are worth there pay absolutely.

    Not to mention the Hulk like pics with your bicycles over the cranium, that takes some skills to balance.

    In my opinion nothing beats God’s natural beauty, he painted and decorated the sierras with his evergreen and pine trees, not to mention the beautiful turquoise water for a lovely backdrop.

  2. Erco Travels says:

    Wow, wonderful interesting post with amazing picture gallery. really, it’s a unforgettable visit for lifetime. thanks for sharing.

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