Surfs Up at Pismo Beach

Would you rather live in the mountains or on the beach? Round 2.
The weather: perfect. The view: unbeatable. The lullaby that is waves crashing on the shore: priceless.
The cliffs at Pismo Beach were the perfect place to watch a school of dolphins play in the waves or the sunset paint the mural that is the sky. While the mountains do have their fair share of perks, I think it’s time I recognize the disguised potential the beach hides under its waves.





So would you rather live in the mountains or on the beach? Please share which one you would rather and why in the comments section!

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4 Responses to Surfs Up at Pismo Beach

  1. Kyle says:

    Mountains as the sun sets and illuminates the peaks adorning Tahoe.

    Mountains offer bears, birds of prey, water falls and a blanket of white fluff that adorns every piece of creation below the clouds.

    Oceans/beaches offer a beauty completely different from that of mountains, valleys and lakes.

    Oceans will rock one to sleep with the melody of the waves and gulls outside ones widow.

    With water being essential for every life form on our planet. Water is shrouded in mystery and beauty. Waves and mist encrusted in golden light from a sunset is hard to beat and forget.

  2. Teresa says:

    That’s a hard one. It’s a question I wrestle with myself on an almost daily basis. 🙂 If I absolutely had to choose, I think I’d go with the beach, but a remote beach, a secluded beach where I could take long walks after storms and pick up all the great stuff that washes ashore.
    Yeah…I think the beach is the right call…

    • casualeric says:

      Teresa you make me want to pick the beach when you mention finding ocean treasures washed up on shore… but my heart lies in the mountains. For me, there’s peace of mind in the way the pines sound in the wind and in the quiet that comes when the world sleeps in under a blanket of fresh snow.

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