Everybody Loves Raymond Colorado

I’ll be leaving my friends in Boulder Colorado in 2 days for 8 months to be home for summer and abroad in Europe starting in August. Our short adventure reminded me why I’m going to miss them.

DSC_0316Except for this guy.


Leah’s father moved to Raymond as a young man. For $18 a month he lived here in this rustic cabin and became the town sheriff. Supposedly, it was one of the first cabins in Raymond and housed fisherman.


A top of a small mountain we took a quick break and stumbled upon this incredible tree. It stood alone in a clearing, isolated on all sides from trees. We think it was struck by lightning.

DSC_0352Across a small two lane road from the cabin was this creek. It sounded like a creek double its size because of the fresh snow run off from the Rockies.


In order from left to right: Me, Matt and Stefan resting our feet from the hike on a bridge over the rushing creek.


Presenting Mr. Stefan McLaren.


The old town was a throwback in time. Here’s an original wheelbarrow. Note the rusted iron wheel and frame.

photo (2)

Raymond’s token general store. A Ford Falcon and vintage Pepsi vending machine are only the beginning of this stores story. If you ever visit, ask the owner about his cash register.

DSC_0373On our way to the lake.


Beautiful Colorado.








The End.

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