Blog Virgin

For the first time… it isn’t as exciting as I thought it’d be.

I bought an iPad today.  Also petted the store owners cat ‘Peppers’.  He was the type of cat that makes you want to get a cat, that doesn’t act like a cat.  In other words, Peppers really spiced up my shopping experience.  I digress, back to the iPad.

So I bought an iPad today.  For a PC guy it was a big deal. It was like I threw my morality and loyalty to Mr. Gates out the window to for this sexy little device.  Of course I had no reason to make it into an ordeal of sorts but it was a big step in my relationship to Apple.  I didn’t think I was ready at first. So I did some research, found the model I wanted, found the price tag, screamed and bit myself for a moment, then visited Peppers and made the purchase… and now I’m blogging…

So I bought my iPad today. You already know it was a big step but I don’t think you know how big it was. Neil Armstrong once said “This is one small step for a man and one giant leap for mankind”. Well the same but different can be said for me.  See, this iPad was bought for a purpose; to blog.  To blog often. To blog hard. And to blog anywhere.  Anywhere. I leave August 5th for Italy where I’ll be meeting my long time friend for our bro-trip.  Once he’s back in country I plan to travel until Christmas with nothing but my backpack, Birkenstocks, iPad and outlet adapter (The battery only lasts ’10 hours of surfing the web on Wifi’). So this iPad is significant.  It means more than my untrueness to PCs everywhere.  It symbolizes the beginning of my journey and blogging career.

So I bought my iPad for my trip today.  Peppers reassured me I was making the right decision.  Thanks to this iPad I’m proud to say I lost my bloggers V-card… Is the first time always so satisfying?

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